St. Thomas and Elgin County’s most affordable cremation provider.

Welcome To St.Thomas-Elgin Cremation

Hi! My name is Bill Denning.  Please email me so we can schedule a time to sit down and discuss the many low cost options we offer.  Email me at and receive $100 off your pre-paid arrangements!

St. Thomas-Elgin Cremation was born out of the need for dignified and affordable cremation options in our community. As a Licensed Class One Transfer Service we are the only simple funeral home alternative in St. Thomas and Elgin County.

More About St. Thomas and Elgin Cremation


$2464.95 is the total cost for our services. Not only does this include crematorium fees, obtaining a cremation certificate, registering with the province and all taxes; but also taking your loved one into our care and completing all necessary paperwork.


Licensed Funeral Directors are at hand to help guide you through each step, keeping the cremation process simple for you and your family.

Our professionals are equipped with the understanding and empathy to ease the burden of losing a loved one.


Denning’s Ltd. is the family owned firm behind St.Thomas – Elgin Cremation. With six of our team members living and working in Elgin County, we bring passion and over 90 years of experience to a need for affordable cremation options long recognized in the community.

Our Focus

Keeping the cremation process simple, effective and worry-free is our number one focus. As a Class 1 Transfer Service, St. Thomas-Elgin Cremation is focused on adhering to the highest level of professionalism, while at the same time guaranteeing the lowest price.

Consider your options, call us today.